It all started because of the pears. B. went out for some shopping on Saturday morning, hit the greengrocer’s stall at the market, came home with these beauties and, next thing I know, I’m making sangria. You see, the point is I’m not really much of a drinker, and it’s not just about disliking the taste of most alcoholic drinks out there. True, I don’t like red wine, I don’t like beer and I don’t like most spirits, but over the years I’ve come to realise that when I do drink alcohol and enjoy it, it’s mostly because it does not taste of alcohol at all. I like vodka-based cocktails only because vodka has no real flavour, and I like cider because, really, it’s just apple juice with a kick to it. And that takes us back to my Saturday. Buried under a mountain of work to do, I wondered what to do with these tiny red pears. My first thought was hazelnut and pear frangipane tart*. No, too fiddly. Something easier. Poached pears on top of chocolate ice cream**? Or the tried and tested pear and cardamom strudel? They would all take so long to prepare. I wanted something now, something easy. That’s when I thought of sangria. Sangria always reminds me of cheap bars and giant fish-shaped modern architecture encountered during a class trip to Barcelona. Admittedly, this white sangria looks a bit posher than the one you usually find around, but the concept does not change. With enough fruit so that it doesn’t taste too much of wine and appropriate (alcohol-wise), this drink definitely made my Saturday.

Winter sangria

Adapted from Honeydew and Pear Sangria by Bakers Royale. Sangria normally has some spirit added to it. I didn’t add any because I wanted to keep it delicate, but you could experiment with a drop of brandy or Cognac, especially if you’re using apples.

a bottle of white wine, chilled. I used Sauvignon Blanc
an apple, a pear and an orange, thinly sliced

Pour the wine in the glasses, and place the slices of fruit in them. I arranged the slices in order to have a slice of pear every other slice.
*I’ll be definitely making this sometime soon, though.
** And these, too.