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FC&G in trasferta: Finnish salmon soup

Posted on February 7, 2016

Just over two years ago I was in Tbilisi, visiting my sister and her family for my niece’s first birthday. Since we both moved away a good few years back, seeing each other has, sadly, become a once or twice a year event. One day, my sister told me “Let’s say we live until 90 and we meet about once a year. That means we’re only going to be seeing each other another 60 times. That’s not enough! Let’s go on holiday together.” That’s how, last July, I ended up at Helsinki Airport, waiting for her connecting flight from Istanbul to land, a couple of hours after mine had arrived from Manchester. We spent a week roaming South-West Finland, from Helsinki to Hanko to…

Black pepper (or fennel seeds) crackers

Posted on November 30, 2013

Someone will have to explain me how it got to December this quickly. It seemed to be October the other day. I went away for just over a week in November – somehow the three other weeks have disappeared. Between some Christmas planning and some work, a concert here and a walk there, the remaining weekends have seen very little activity here on the blog. By the way, I hope that you have all had a lovely autumn.¬†However, I have baked and cooked and have a few good things in store for you. In the meantime, an old and reliable favourite. These crackers, although perhaps not as light as yeast-based ones, are crispy, pretty tasty and have the undeniable advantage of being ready in…