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FC&G in trasferta: Finnish salmon soup

Posted on February 7, 2016

Just over two years ago I was in Tbilisi, visiting my sister and her family for my niece’s first birthday. Since we both moved away a good few years back, seeing each other has, sadly, become a once or twice a year event. One day, my sister told me “Let’s say we live until 90 and we meet about once a year. That means we’re only going to be seeing each other another 60 times. That’s not enough! Let’s go on holiday together.” That’s how, last July, I ended up at Helsinki Airport, waiting for her connecting flight from Istanbul to land, a couple of hours after mine had arrived from Manchester. We spent a week roaming South-West Finland, from Helsinki to Hanko to…

Citrus and dark chocolate ice cream

Posted on March 21, 2014

A few weeks ago I went to the cobblers to get my boots resoled. They had needed looking at for a few months, but I had been post-poning it because I wanted to find a good cobbler in Manchester. After a few of internet searches, two phone calls (the first just to verify that they actually existed, the second to find them – they were hiding inside a dry cleaner’s!) and a day later my boots were looking better than new.¬†Finding a reliable cobbler was the last thing I needed to do to feel like home in this new city of mine. I had access to two great cobblers in Lancaster and didn’t want any shoddy job on my favourite boots. I know a…