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Ginger lemon and mint tea

Posted on February 25, 2015

I love hot drinks. I was the one who introduced the habit of drinking tea (in all its various traditional, herbal, fruit incarnations) to my family back at home, in Italy, when I was younger. I find it strange not to have a steaming mug between me and my keyboard on my desk, at the office. I truly am addicted. After a few years of going from Earl Grey, to red fruit infusions, from green tea to Lady Grey (my favourite, though, was the perhaps more aristocratic version called Empress Grey, from Marks & Spencer), finally settling on flavoured green teas about three years ago (for dental reasons which I delved into back in August 2013). In fact, I spent the best part of…

FC&G in trasferta: chicken tagine with green olives and preserved lemon

Posted on July 1, 2014

Finally, I managed to find the time/will to go through my pictures from Morocco and bring you instalment 2 of 3 of the Morocco in trasferta* series. As mentioned in the first post of the series, there were too many pictures I wanted to share, that doing only one Morocco post was out of the question. Likewise, in the 20 or so days that we were travelling around the Country, I had so many great meals that recreating one recipe alone wouldn’t have done my memories justice. The collection of photos in this post is devoted to the people, places and things that I saw and experienced which meant contemporary Morocco to me. Spending next to 3 weeks in the Country meant we met…