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Ginger lemon and mint tea

Posted on February 25, 2015

I love hot drinks. I was the one who introduced the habit of drinking tea (in all its various traditional, herbal, fruit incarnations) to my family back at home, in Italy, when I was younger. I find it strange not to have a steaming mug between me and my keyboard on my desk, at the office. I truly am addicted. After a few years of going from Earl Grey, to red fruit infusions, from green tea to Lady Grey (my favourite, though, was the perhaps more aristocratic version called Empress Grey, from Marks & Spencer), finally settling on flavoured green teas about three years ago (for dental reasons which I delved into back in August 2013). In fact, I spent the best part of…

Spring salmon salad

Posted on May 26, 2014

Today B. and I went to the Imperial War Museum North. The exhibitions themselves, as befits a museum devoted to war, were quite overwhelming and humbling (what would I do if a war involving civilians was announced now? Would I be brave enough?), but after we got out of the building (equally overwhelming), the lovely spring weather, the people strolling up and down the quayside and the accidental realisation that Coronation Street is a fictional Salford street, and not a Liverpudlian one (like I had thought all along), cheered us up. I’m not sure why I was convinced it was set in Liverpool. If that offends anyone, let me just clarify that I’ve never watched the programme (and don’t plan to do so). Anyway,…