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Citrus and dark chocolate ice cream

Posted on March 21, 2014

A few weeks ago I went to the cobblers to get my boots resoled. They had needed looking at for a few months, but I had been post-poning it because I wanted to find a good cobbler in Manchester. After a few of internet searches, two phone calls (the first just to verify that they actually existed, the second to find them – they were hiding inside a dry cleaner’s!) and a day later my boots were looking better than new. Finding a reliable cobbler was the last thing I needed to do to feel like home in this new city of mine. I had access to two great cobblers in Lancaster and didn’t want any shoddy job on my favourite boots. I know a…

FC&G in trasferta: orange with honey and cinnamon

Posted on February 23, 2014

It has taken me far too long to sort through the extraordinary amount of photos we took when we went travelling to Morocco between April and May last year. However, it has always been my plan to share them with you. As we were travelling, I was trying to pick the best dish that I would then remake at home and share here on the blog – it would have been so hard to pick only one. Luckily, it quickly became clear that one post wouldn’t be enough for all the pictures I picked. So, three posts and three recipes it is going to be. Instead of dividing them geographically, I’m going to separate them by topic: nature, history and people. B. put together a Google…