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Smoky autumn soup

Posted on November 4, 2015

My autumn has been beautiful and difficult. After another house move, I’ve found it hard to settle in and feel at home in my new house. As I sit here in my dining room, next to a big window facing the back garden, I feel like a guest. Almost as if I was staying with friends, for a while. Of all my house moves (all eight of them), this has been the most painful. Leaving my previous house, the one that started out as a home, then turned into an uneasy, temporary-yet-dragged out living arrangement, came with a lot of complications, emotional, practical and economical. Emotional ones most of all, though. As soon as the house move was done, the last of the boxes…

Roast pumpkin, butternut squash and garlic soup

Posted on January 24, 2012

I have always been a huge fan of soups. My mum used to rely quite heavily on them to feed us throughout the week. Wednesdays were Grandma’s soup day. She would prepare her smooth, deep green concoction in the mornings, after coming back from the market, and my mum would drive over to her house and pick our dinner up before coming home from work.¬†Soups have always been there, but until I left home for good I never thought they could allow so much experimentation and, why not, adventure. Anyone reading this cringing at the word soup coupled with the word adventure, I’m afraid this blog might not be for you.¬†Naturally, I imagine there will also be some among you who will cringe at…